WhatsApp Rolls Out Material Design Update for All Android Users

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The latest version of WhatsApp to hit Google Play brings with it a complete Material Design user interface revamp.

Now on version number 2.12.84, the updated WhatsApp app for Android on Google Play brings UI changes that have been present on the ‘beta’ app available on the Facebook-owned company site for over a month.

There are no visual changes between the app (2.12.38) released on the company’s site back in April and the one now available on Google Play. For users who haven’t tried the ‘beta’ app yet, the update will introduce several design changes to them, however, the functionality remains much the same with everything still in the same places – thus, no-one is going to be confused with the new interface.

The revamped Material Design interface of WhatsApp brings new icons, animations, and colour-flipped emoji tray. After the update, the app’s task bar, which is placed on top, is merged with calls, chats and contacts bar under a single colour.

On opening a chat, users would see a new round green-coloured voice-recording icon placed besides the text bar. The chat conversation now features a bubble-like chat design alongside several minor animation changes.

The attachment icons are larger and more colourful. New animations have been added, such as when clicking an image directly from the app and while sharing it. Furthermore, opening a conversation and tapping on the user’s name opens a bigger image of the user’s WhatsApp profile image along with other details like status, media, groups and others.

Notably, after rolling out WhatsApp Calling to all Android users at the end of March, the company began rolling out the feature to iOS users in April, and to BlackBerry 10 users soon after. Windows Phone is yet to receive the feature, but the company hasconfirmed it will be bringing voice calling to the platform, and is currently working on it.

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